Petra von Kazinyan (*1976 in Gelnhausen/Germany) lives and works in Vienna. 

Her paintings have been shown in numerous exhibitions and fairs in Austria and abroad, recently f.e. in Milan, Venice, London, Berlin, and Beijing (Art Beijing 2012).

Facing the contemporary urban lifestyle, she aims to trace the ambivalent mixture of cultural tendencies and individual concepts of today's people in her paintings.  In the obtrusive style of close-ups and snapshots, the mechanisms and symbols of our popular culture are thematized, often perforated by surreal or abstract elements serving as projection surfaces with a dream structure; irritating, enigmatic momenta in a demystified world.

In 2013, the prestigious Weingut Bründlmayer has teamed up with Petra to create a Limited Edition Art Bottle (1700 pieces) for their popular “Riesling Kamptaler Terrassen 2012”